Universal Halon Treatment Factory Co.

Established as a part of AMNEST Group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is a unique fire safety supplier and contractor offering complete solutions under one roof for all types of high-quality firefighting equipment, fire protection systems, gas suppression systems, fm200, novec, co2, halon, nitrogen, powder, wet chemical refilling, also we are committed to provide high quality services related to the fire alarm system, emergency lights, voice evacuation and security systems.


Amnest Group

Abdulaziz Mohammed Alnamlah Holding Group Company (AMNEST) was established in 1996 by Eng. Abdulaziz Bin Mohammed Al Namlah as a family Group Company under which 14 companies do business in various sectors; the industrial sector, services sector, trading sector, construction and contracting, and real estate development as well.

Together We Achieve Unlimited Growth.